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The following is a statement submitted by the Youth for Women's Rights Caucus, a group made up of youth from organizations and networks working to promote sexual and reproductive health and rights worldwide, including the Asociacion Panamena de Planificacion Familiar, Asociacion Venezolana de Planificacion Familiar, ASTRA Youth, CHOICE for youth and sexuality, DAWN, Asociacion Demografica Costarricense, HELAM, Ipas, Lentswe La Rona, NAPY, Profamilia, REDLAC, REPEM, YMCA, YouAct and Youth Coalition.
The Hungarian surveys (Lazar and Szekely, 1994; Micklewright and Napy, 1996b) do not point to stronger effects of household characteristics in outflows to jobs after the shift from unemployment insurance to social assistance.
(18.) YMta underscores that, on account of the word sudrena, the rule applies to sudras only, not to members of the higher vornas: atra ca sudragrahanad dvijatina dasyam utpannah pitur icchayapy amsam na labhate, napy ardham, durato eva krtsnam.