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NAQNational Agency Questionnaire
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'The Nigerian Agricultural Quarantine (NAQ), the only organization authorized and saddled with the responsibilities of searching and screening of any import or export on food items in Nigeria said soon local farmers will start benefiting from such effort', Hadejia emphases.
For the NAQ, a protest-free campus was the most conducive to education.
Parallel research has been done on the latent class cluster structure of NAQ in Great Britain [43] and Spain [65].
Among the nonspecific TB tests, the estimated claims rates ranged from 0.05/100,000 (87552 [nucleic acid, quantitative (NAQ); mycobacteria species]) to 10,315/100,000 (71020 [chest radiograph; 2 views]) (Figure 2).
The perceived leader integrity scale (PLIS) and negative acts questionnaire (NAQ) survey instruments were administered over a five-week span via the Internet utilizing a Qualtrics Web-based survey software.
Instrumentos de medicion Instrumento Autor LIPT (Leymann Inventory of Leymann (1990) Psychological Terrorization) LIPT-60 Gonzalez y Rodriguez (2006) Barometro CISNEROS (Cuestionario Fidalgo y Pinuel (2004) Individual sobre Psicoterror, Negacion, Estigmatizacion y Rechazo en Organizaciones Sociales) NAQ (Negative Acts Einarsen, S.
As variaveis determinadas foram: altura de insercao do capitulo (ICA, em m); diametro do capitulo --considerando somente flores ferteis (DCA, em cm); diametro do colo da haste (DCO, em mm); numero de aquenios por capitulo (NAQ); massa de aquenios por capitulo (MAQ em g); massa de mil aquenios (M1000 em g) e producao de aquenios (PROD, em kg [ha.sup.-1]).
Well NAQ PII-2 tested 1.85 MCM/d of gas and 850 b/d of condensate at 3,750m in the block's northern section, where reserves were higher than originally projected.
The stones tell the story of U, but they do not contain an actual libretto of a ghe 'naQ nlt [grand opera]-that is, they do not stand for specific sounds, syllables, or words.
Find another county and don't let all that ability go to waste, Naq...............2 JONATHAN TROTT (three games): The World Cricketer of the Year did not shine in the championship.