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So we realize that faith is discrimination, distinguishing between truth and falsehood, true coin (naqd) and imitation (naql).
Thus in his own life's work he sought to use the methodology of the medieval Spanish theologian Abu Muhammad Ibn Hazm, he drew often and copiously on the interpretations of the nineteenth-century Egyptian reformer Muhammad 'Abduh, and again, despite strong disagreement on various points of substance with the fourteenth-century Syrian theologian Taqi al-Din Ahmad Ibn Taymiyya, he attempted, like the latter, to integrate reason ('aql), tradition (naql), and free-will (irada), to form a coherent and distinctive vision of Islam.
Thus, it is said, 'There are two positions based on transferring (naql) and extraction,' and the most correct position is that the extracted position is not attributed to al-Shafi'i, because maybe he reconsidered it and mentioned a difference." al-Fiqh al-Shafi'i al-muyassar (Beirut: Dar al-Fikr, 1429/2008), 1:74.
He added: "We have already begun changing some technical terms related to the sponsorship system, like changing the term 'transfer of sponsorship' (naql kafala) to 'transfer of services.' "Other steps include preventing sponsors from holding passports of foreign workers and canceling the condition to obtain the sponsor's approval for workers to bring their families to the Kingdom." Al-Humaidan noted the ministry replaced several provisions in the kafala system with new regulations that govern the relationship between the employer and the foreign worker.
al-Rumi, "Naql Ma'ani al-Qur'an al-Karim ila Lughatin Ukhra: Tarjamatun am Tafsir?"; and 'Izziddin M.
The sharia, according to Wali Allah, can only be known through transmission (naql);(88) this is why it is important to study and verify the authenticity of hadith, and to recognize that, after the Quran, it is the most noble and authoritative of all disciplines.(89) Legal codes which are extracted from the hadith cannot have the same authority as the hadith itself.(90)
(17) It may be surmised that the eventual triumph of Ash'arism (including Maturdism and Tahawism, or Sunnism in general), was due to its creative intellectual versatility in co-opting and integrating both the rationalism of the Mutazilites and the falasifah and the traditionalism of the Hanbalites into its own "synthetic" theological framework18 which "gave both naql and 'aql their due, and took a middle course between the doctrines of the opposing sects." (19)