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NARANational Archives & Records Administration (US)
NARANational Archives and Records Administration
NARANational Aircraft Resale Association
NARANorth American Ring Association (dog breed)
NARANational Aliens Registration Authority (Pakistan)
NARANational Association of Rehabilitation Agencies
NARANorth American Racing Association
NARANational Agrichemical Retailers Association
NARANorth Acton Recreation Area (park; Massachusetts)
NARANorth American Restroom Association (formerly American Restroom Association; Baltimore, MD)
NARANorth America Radio Archives
NARANew Arrival Assessment (New Zealand corrections)
NARANetwork Application Readiness Assessment
NARANorthville Amateur Radio Association (Litchfield County and New Milford, CT)
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The board reviewed the NARA plan for preparing a study to dispatch 50 scholarships to study for the master s degrees in documentation to enable the technical personnel to run and manage the system at NARA and various ministries.
The March GAO report warned: "Without a reliable expenditure plan and adequate management of the ERA acquisition, it is unclear whether NARA can make substantial progress in delivering additional system capabilities by the end of fiscal year 2011 to justify its planned investment.
Following a request for information, NARA archivists can use the MLR to quickly search for the physical location of the relevant resource and determine physical space usage to plan and manage the physical movement of records.
3379, Headquarters Office of the Assistant Commissioner, TN, RG 105, NARA [A-6100 FSSP].
Records management experts and government transparency advocates said the new guidance will not make a difference if NARA does not step up policing of its rules.
7 Project management--The OIG said NARA must improve project planning, developing adequately defined requirements, analyzing and testing systems to support their acquisition and deployment, and overseeing projects to ensure desired results are delivered within budget.
However, according to GAO, NARA has estimated current cost overruns for ERRs development at $16.
This funding will allow NARA to continue to develop the ERA and lay the groundwork for building the entire system.
To fulfill this role as the recordkeeper of the federal government and educator of the nation's history, NARA must be imaginative, enterprising, and self-aware.
Archivists across the nation are rallying to save NHPRC and ensure that NARA has sufficient funding to sustain its current programs and continue to advance in areas that benefit all archival repositories and every U.
The importance of risk assessments and mitigation were a major part of new guidance NARA released in January.
RC: Based on our findings to date, we feel that the key to managing the electronic records that NARA creates is simultaneously dealing with people, process, and technology.