NARACNational Atmospheric Release Advisory Center
NARACNorth American Rheumatoid Arthritis Consortium (Manhasset, NY)
NARACNational Atmospheric Release Advisory Capability
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In the demonstration, the NARAC client (Seattle) will provide input event information to the NARAC facility (LLNL) via conventional Internet, dial-up, or wireless connections.
Initial predictions are then available in less than a minute using custom, Java-based NARAC rapid response software tools, called iClient, that reside locally on the client's computer.
Secondary users will be able to view all of the ongoing predictions through a NARAC Web site.
Incorporation of live, local meteorological information into NARAC provides the levels of timeliness and detail necessary for quickly and accurately assessing atmospheric conditions at an incident site.
NARAC atmospheric plume predictions and analyses inform critical decisions on evacuation, sheltering, relocation, and worker protection.
We welcome the opportunity to work with Peter and the rest of the NARAC team in leveraging their valuable DNA resources and experience, and we appreciate the support of NIAMS.
DNA samples analyzed in this study include those collected from families with RA collected by NARAC.
The NARAC project has collected, analyzed and made available for use (by qualified members of the scientific community) the clinical and genetic data on nearly 1,000 sibling pairs with rheumatoid arthritis.
When a hazardous material is accidentally released into the atmosphere, NARAC scientists can map the probable spread of contamination in time for an emergency manager to decide if taking protective action is necessary.
Besides accidental radiological releases, such as Three Mile Island and Chernobyl, NARAC has assessed natural disasters such as volcanic ash clouds (Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines) and earthquake-induced hazardous spills.