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Veteran journalist Ram Bahadur Rai was conferred with lifetime achievement award while Sidharth Zarabi was given 'Narad Samman' for overall excellence in journalism.
(24.) Epstein JN, Brinkman WB, Froehlich, T, Langberg JM, Narad ME, Antonini TN, Shiels K, Simon JO, Altaye M.
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As the story unfolds; on Lord Vishnu's request, Narad Muni visits Hiranakashyap's kingdom to see his new born baby Prahladh.
Previous research on EMS "systems" has addressed the creation of performance measurement regulations for EMS agencies (Narad & Driesbock, 1999), on theoretical discussion and empirical investigation of public versus private provision of EMS (David & Chiang, 2009), on racial disparities in systems-level service provision (David & Harrington, 2010), and on predicting EMS calls volume (Brown et al., 2007; Setzler, Saydam, & Park, 2009).
Anne Lacroix ([dagger]) and Narad Rampersad ([double dagger])
reported outcomes of 79 renal artery interventions (62 renal bypasses, 12 endovascular interventions [8 angioplasty and 4 stents], and 5 nephrectomies) on a cohort of patients with nonatherosclerotic renal artery disease (NARAD), of which more than 55% had TA [43].
When asked about the link between solid waste and water, Narad Bastola, Secretary of the Nepal Rural Development Forum, said, "Solid waste is dumped in the water and causes pollution.
Prokopovich dealt with this eventuality of the deceased tsar's failure to announce his designation, stating that in the absence of oral or written expression of his wish "the people (narad) must try to ascertain, by all manner of correct conjectures (pravil 'nye dogady), what it was or might have been, and which of his sons he would have named as his successor, if it had come to that." (30) In this event, the "correct conjectures" were decided by the court elite with the active collusion of the guards regiments, which was understood as a rough form of election.
"Such differences of opinion are not irreconcilable....To try to act like 'Narad muni' to provoke and to create a provocative atmosphere is not right," he said.
The glory of dharma and the good actions coming out of it are proclaimed by the poet through the utterances of Yudhisthira, Dhritarashtra, Kunti, Draupadi, narad, Vidura, Bhishma, Krishna, Gandhari, and many others.