NARCCAPNorth American Regional Climate Change Assessment Program
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Participation in NARCCAP would not necessarily presuppose attitudes for the appropriateness of using such projections for decision support.
Finally, we think our preliminary results warrant fuller exploration of EJ approaches within the context of NARCCAP and other regional climate modeling programs such as the Coordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiment (CORDEX).
Mearns, 2013: Towards establishing NARCCAP regional climate model credibility for the North American Monsoon: Current Simulations.
Mearns, 2013: The effect of weighting on the NARCCAP ensemble mean.
and--, 2016: The effect of weighting on the NARCCAP ensemble mean: Does it make a difference?
Average near-surface moisture flux from the six NARCCAP NCEP-driven RCMs and the North American Regional Reanalysis (NARR, used for verification), June-September 1980-2004.
NARCCAP is an international program focused on using RCMs driven by GCMs to produce high-resolution climate change simulations.
NARCCAP model output for scenarios created by GCMs is available for the current period, defined as 1971-2000, and the future period, 2041-2070.
The magnitude of climate change for each weather variable from each RCM at each NARCCAP grid point over North America is calculated as the difference (2041-2070 values minus 1971-2000 values) of the monthly mean 3-hourly values.
Data for the seven variables mentioned previously were extracted from the NARCCAP archives for reanalysis-driven runs of the five RCMs for which complete data were available.
Climate sets for Mason City, Iowa were extracted from the NARCCAP archive for the seven GCM/RCM model combinations for both the contemporary (1971-2000) and future (2041-2070) time periods.
NARCCAP Average Projected Climate Change (for Mason City, Iowa) Model Totcld Drybulb Dewpoint Rhum (tenths) ([degrees]F/ K) ([degrees]F / K) (%) CRCM-CCSM -0.