NARDISNavy Automated Research & Development Information System
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Mainardo de Nardis remembers the day in 2009 when he first showed up in his new boss' office.
Panek, Elliot T., Yioryos Nardis, and Sara Konrath.
De Nardis -- who is in Dubai for the annual summit of the BPG network -- does not want Maxus to be tagged as a "traditional" agency either.
The study was conducted by U-M researchers Elliot Panek, Yioryos Nardis and Sara Konrath.
Pluralistic licensing has the benefit that the primary user can be given an incentive to accept sharing with other users (HOLLAND, DE NARDIS et al., 2012).
Development contract of Kish gas field, in the form of a finance service contract, was signed this time last year between Petroleum Engineering and Development Company as contractor and a consortium consist of Nardis, Farab and Namvaran companies.
The music includes new arrangements of Davis songs such as Boplicity, Seven Steps to Heaven, Milestones, Nardis and Prince of Darkness and a new suite composed by Seabrook on the theme of Miles Davis entitled Sketches of Miles.
BUT here's the painful truth: we need more Tony Nardis, not fewer--more actors, directors, producers, and administrators for whom the theatre is not just a livelihood but a raging fire in the belly.