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(10) Another daughter of Steinolf the Low from Fagradal was Arndis, the mother of [RHO]or[eth], the father of [RHO]orger[eth], the mother of Hrafn, the father of Snart, the father of Jodis, the mother of Halla, the mother of Yngvild, who married Snorri the Lawspeaker, the father of Narfi, the father of Skard-Snorri.
Ljot, Hall's son, was the father of Gudrun, the mother of Einar Arason, Steinunn, the mother of Gudmund, and Hallbera, the mother of [RHO]orgils..., the father of Hunbogi, the father of Snorri, the father of Narfi, the father of Skar[eth]-Snorri.
Briton Paul Kagen, who secured first place with a round of 35, said, "I was spurred on to victory by the prestigious nature of this event, and the family atmosphere was so good that winning was great fun."Second place in the tournament was taken by Yusi Narfi from Finland.