NARGNaval Aviation Requirements Group (US DoD)
NARGNorth Africa Research Group (UK)
NARGNot A Real Gentleman (person obsessive about a boring topic; chiefly British)
NARGNucleic Acids Research Group (Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities)
NARGNational Archives Record Group (Washington, DC)
NARGNational Association of Recent Grads
NARGCanadian Nutritionist Advisory and Research Group
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Genomederived criteria for assigning environmental narG and nosZ sequences to operational taxonomic units of nitrate reducers.
pseudotuberculosis biovar Equi and other sequences of orthologous proteins by BLAST, including the genus Corynebacterium, were slightly lower than those found in other proteins (NarG, NarH, and NarI) that form the three subunits of the enzyme nitrate reductase (Table 2).
The SEM images of Narg, Narg-[beta]-CD, Narb, and the Narb-[beta]-CD inclusion complex are given in Figures 4(a) and 4(d), respectively.
Compounds were identified by comparing their retention times (Rt NAR = 9.0 min; Rt HESP = 15.0 min; Rt PON = 17.0 min; Rt NARG = 22.0) and their UV-vis spectra with corresponding standards.
De la misma forma, se analizaron genes funcionales en ecosistemas de la Antartida, donde se detecto mayor presencia de genes para fijacion de nitrogeno (nifH) en los terrenos cubiertos por vegetacion a frente terrenos desnudos (Yergeau et al., 2007), mientras que la alta presencia de genes de desnitrificacion (nirK y narG) se relaciono con el aumento de temperatura.
Intestinal response was recorded isotonically using isotonic myograph transducer (NARG Bio-systems INC) and physiograph (NK III).
the reduction of N[O.sup.-.sub.3] to N[O.sub.2.sup.-] , can be measured by targeting narG, which encodes for a subunit of periplasmic nitrate reductase enzyme (Philippot et al.
Andy is unconvinced but has more pressing matters to deal with - his mother, Narg (played by Brenda Fricker), is returning from hospital.
Cyclone Narg is killed 78,000 people and left another 56,000 missing.
19, 1847, reprinted in Military Orders-Mexican War, NARG (entry 134) (as amended by General Orders 190 and 287).
to Hickerson, March 17, 1948, National Archives Record Group (hereafter NARG) 59 852.00/3-1748, Box 6341.