NARHNorth Adams Regional Hospital (North Adams, MA)
NARHNantes Atlantique Rink Hockey (France)
NARHNorth American Riding for the Handicapped
NARHNorthwest Arkansas Rehabilitation Hospital
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In response to these intense needs, the report does recommend restoring 'limited inpatient services," but states those services, however necessary, be restored "only if the BMC North site (the recently purchased site of NARH where BMC now operates a satellite emergency department) is designated as a Critical Access Hospital.
NARH has constructed a new medical office building that is expected to open in mid August 2002.
NARH expects Medicaid payors to reimburse significantly more as enrollees are converted to a managed care plan.
The report, which tracks NARH finances over a ten-year period, clearly shows that as a provider of health care services, the hospital was a going concern, making millions of dollars in profits on outpatient, inpatient and emergency services between 2000 and 2012.
This report will provide valuable information to support our strong contention that a satellite emergency service is only a small first step to meeting the needs of this community," said Ruth O'Hearn, RN, a long time nurse at NARH and an active MNA member who is working on the campaign to restore needed services.
In part the leaflet will read: "as the Governor is recognized tonight for his leadership on health care, that leadership must include an effort to protect the residents of Northern Berkshire County, with the immediate restoration of NARH as a full service community hospital.
The NARH Greylock Pavilion offers a comprehensive inpatient program for adults requiring acute psychiatric care, including patients who are suicidal, homicidal or experiencing a severe mental health crisis.
In response to the closure plan, the DPH letter includes an appeal to NARH management to reconsider its plan, proposing that "the hospital delay closure of its pediatric and psychiatric service in order to work with the community to assess options other than closure.
NARH plans to close eight of the 10 beds, which will result in NARH patients suffering serious delays in receiving care and they will travel farther for life-saving treatments, placing patients' lives in unnecessary jeopardy.
Under their plan NARH once again would be allowed to use mandatory OT to staff the hospital, and patient care would suffer.
The Preliminary Official Statement (POS) dated August 26, 2004 distributed in connection with the new bonds and a tender offer for some of the NARH bonds contains financial statements through June 2004.
NARH and NBCS are the main revenue generating components of NBHS.