NARKNNational Association for the Rescue of Japanese Kidnapped by North Korea (Japan)
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Yoichi Shimada, vice chairman of NARKN, said Sung Kim, U.S.
Participants in Sunday's meeting said the action taken by the two LDP members -- Taku Yamasaki and Katsuei Hirasawa -- went against the call by NARKN and a parliamentarians' group helping the abductees that Japan should only have intergovernmental talks with North Korea.
Tokyo recognizes 15 citizens, including the 13 acknowledged by North Korea, as having been taken forcibly to North Korea, while NARKN estimates the total number of Japanese abductees to be at least several dozen.
The NARKN is also planning to coordinate with local politicians to urge regional governments in Japan to stop allowing tax reductions on fixed assets on a group of pro-Pyongyang Korean residents of Japan over its facilities, the members said.
The Japanese delegation at the United Nations on Friday informed NARKN of replies received from North Korea, Japan and Britain in response to the U.N group's request for information.
Nishioka said he and two NARKN members -- Yoichi Shimada, an assistant professor of international politics at Fukui Prefectural University, and Yoshitaka Fukui, an assistant professor at Aoyama Gakuin University -- will also travel with the group.