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Rajouri (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], July 5 ( ANI ): Narla Bambal, a village in Jammu and Kashmir's Rajouri district, received electricity connection and metalled road for the first time since Independence.
"On January 8, one of our dogs, Narla, suddenly became very ill.
Narla is looking for adult owners who are Shepherd savvy, have lots of time to provide her with the exercise and brain games she requires and who once they've tired her out have time for lots of cuddles and affection also.
Narla and her colleagues found that prevalence of atopic dermatitis (AD) or eczema hospitalizations to be 2.4 and 5.6 times higher than the prevalence for psoriasis and pemphigus, respectively.
In studies in patients with prostate cancer, alternative splicing variants of KLF6, SV1 and SV2 were found, finding forms of alternative processing than wild forms of KLF6, this correlates with poor prognosis in patients with Prostate Cancer (Narla et al., 2005; Narla et al., 2008).
Difeo A, Huang F, Sangodkar J, Terzo EA, Leake D, Narla G, et al.KLF6-SV1 is a novel antiapoptotic protein that targets the BH3- only protein NOXA for degradation and whose inhibition extends survival in an ovarian cancer model.
Narla says he and his colleagues are working to develop a clinical trial examining how the two-drug combination fares in human patients.
Narla was mauled by a tiger and was said by investigators to be critically ill.
The driver Ajaya Singh Rajput and helper Firoj Khan of the truck were trying to escape when they were nabbed by Narla Police.