NARMANorth American Russian Motorcycle Association
NARMANon-Linear Auto-Regressive Moving Average
NARMANESC Assessment Risk Management Application
NARMANetwork for Applied Research on Mining, Oil and Gas Activities
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A NARMA neural network (NN) is implemented in MATLAB [12]--[15].
The block diagram of plant identification for the NARMA of turbine model works by adjusted parameters for generating data by insert, minimum and maximum values for the plant input and output, and minimum and maximum interval values as 0.1 seconds and 1 second.
The cell count together with the clinical and allergic profile of the patient allows the clinician to formulate a proper subdiagnosis in the field of nonallergic rhinitis (NAR), individuating NAR with eosinophil prevalence (NARES), with neutrophil predominance (NARNE), with mast cells (NARMA), and with eosinophils and mast cells (NARESMA) [25], and can identify MR [4].
NARMA 2005, Local Food Procurement, an Analytical Review, Nepal Country Case Study, Centre for Natural Resource Management, Analysis, Training and Policy Research (NARMA), Kathmandu, Nepal.
In identification step, to describe behavior of discrete-time nonlinear system, the following nonlinear autoregressive moving average (NARMA) model is employed:
ICAR's Bt cotton variety Bikaneri Narma was approved by regulators in 2008
The first shift might have taken place with the construction of Nyerma (Narma, var.
The Jeddah event was a curtain raiser for Soorya's "Narma Kairali" festival, which is organized under the patronage of Abdullah Al-Saihati, chairman of Saihati Group and chief patron of the Saudi chapter of Soorya.
Per flashbacks, he was saved from desert sunstroke by the mysterious, henna-handed Narma; back at the oasis, the two fell for each other, but as she was already married at 16, he took to the road with a cheery "au reservoir!"