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NARTNational Adult Reading Test (psychology; Nelson & Wilson)
NARTNorth American Racing Team (Ferrari)
NARTNational Association of Recreational Therapists
NARTNorthern Agricultural Region Taskforce (Australia)
NARTNaval Air Reserve Training Command (US Navy)
NARTNational Association for Remedial Teaching
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(69) "Protocols of Meeting of Composers' Union," 1 July 1941 (NART f.
Nart A, Scarpa S, 2008, Attivita motoria e ginnastica posturale.
(2008) compared NART and STW estimates with Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (3rd ed; WAIS-III) scores in a sample of 89 NZ adults (75 NZ European; 14 Maori.
Featuring the latest findings in nanofiber materials, applications and trends, NART 2016 will be held Sept.
967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4*S NART Spyder Sold for $27,500,000, including buyer's premium.
AFTER it was reported yesterday that the four-month ban imposed on Luis Suarez includes training with a club, the Uruguayan striker has been thrown a lifeline - by Abkhazian club Nart FC.
The American actor had resprayed the car from silver to red and fitted wheels from his Ferrari NART Spyder, which he had crashed and he kept the 165mph car until 1971and later sold it to fellow actor Guy Williams.
The deal was announced on the sidelines of Capacity Middle East, with the agreement signed by Hany Ali, executive vice president of Enterprise Marketing at du, and Nart Bouran, Head of Sky News Arabia in the presence of Mahesh Jaishankar - Vice President, datamena, among other senior officials.
A 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 NART Spyder sold for PS16.6million, then an ex-Fangio 1954 Mercedes W196 racer went for PS17.8m.
military intervention in Syria,aACA[yen] said FireEye researcher Nart Villeneuve, one of six researchers who prepared the report.
Speakers also include: Mark Hollinger, president and CEO, Discovery Networks International; Shailesh Rao, VP, International Operations, Twitter; Konstantin Wolff, Founder, payleven; Dean Kamen, Founder, Deka; Eric Gertler, Head of NYCEDC; Dan Senor, author 'StartUp Nation'; Nart Bouran, director of News, Sky News Arabia; Ahmed El Alfi, founder and chairman, Sawari Ventures; Tarek El Kazzaz, CEO and founder, Qsoft Group; and Khaled El Mufti, head, ELibya.
The channel's head, Nart Bouran, said the team was on an assignment that was focused largely on covering the humanitarian aspects of Syria's 2-1/2-year-old civil war.