NASADNational Association of Schools of Art and Design
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aasta leiu hulgas uhtki terviklikumat graapenit, kuid mone tostenasa kinnitusnurga pohjal voib oletada, et lehterja suuosaga nasad kuulusid kolmjalgpannidele, aheneva suuosaga nasad on aga kolmjalgpottide kuljest (vrd joon 3).
SECAC strongly recommends that art departments/colleges of art be familiar with and/or comply with the current standards of CAA, NASAD, and AAUP.
The accrediting agency is the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).
Best Technical Analysis: "Daily Technical Update” by Fan Yang and Nick Nasad from FXTimes
The word vyoman "highest heaven" is repeated in the last verse for only the first time since it appeared in the opening verse, and the final na veda "he does not know" recalls the opening nasad asit.