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Nataki now says she's stopped going to funerals, stopped wearing RIP shirts; Nasai personally has never been to a funeral.
Everyone around me has been waiting for me to get off the mark so 'Gomen nasai' [sorry]!" Munro, 43, has been granted a short-term riding licence until December 31 on the NAR circuit, the mainly dirt-based localgovernment circuit that runs alongside the more celebrated Japan Racing Association tracks.
(It) doesn't open.' FAT (to MOT): Ak-an tte osiete (unaccusative) opened-not Comp tell yari nasai. give Imperative 'Tell him that it should be "akan".' SUM: Ak-an.
If he cannot do even this, let him despise it with his heart and wish it otherwise, and this is the lowest degree of faith." Regarding Jihad, he stated, "The best of Jihad is to say the right thing in the face of a tyrant," and warned his followers that "when people see a tyrant and do not seize his hand, it is not far that God should afflict them with a general ruin." Another prominent compiler (Imam Nasai) records a further, even more pointed warning by the Prophet: "Some people are going to be rulers not long after me.
The old ways have been discredited; for Japan there is no modori nasai, turning back.
One says, 'shitsurei shimasu,' or, 'gomen nasai,' if one accidentally bumps into someone.
Security sources had said that militants had intercepted the vehicle of BDA officials including GM, SDOs, contractor and a driver, as they were inspecting an under-construction Nasai Road and taken them away.
Security forces and sensitive agencies in joint operation in Nasai area of Killa Saifullah arrested an important commander of Tehreek Taliban.
KILA SAIFULLAH, June 26, 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- One person was killed and 5 others sustained critical injuries in a fatal road accident near Nasai here on Friday, police sources said.
Also around that time, Amr Diab released his latest album KolHayati (All My Life) and Sherine Abdel Wahab released Nasai (Forgetful) The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) cooperated with Bibliotheca Alexandrina to launch the Music for Development project during the 16th International Summer Festival, hosted by the Bibliotheca.