NASBONational Association of State Budget Officers
NASBONational Association of Small Business Owners (Shelton, CT)
NASBONebraska Association of School Business Officials (Nebraska Council of School Administrators)
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State Expenditure Report: Examining Fiscal 2010-2012 State Spending, Nat'l Ass'n State Budget Officers 2 (2012) [hereinafter NASBO 2010-2012], http://www.
The NASBO records these mid-year budget cuts in its Fall Fiscal Survey of the States.
But state budget officials and college leaders too often "talk past one another" in discussing state finances, NASBO said.
In 2010, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) assessed the reliability of NASBO expenditure data for a report on state and local government use of funding provided by P.
NASBO (2009), "Fiscal Year 2009: State Expenditure Report," National Association of State Budget Officers, www.
8) There are several important statistical and conceptual differences between the NIPA's and the NASBO data.
More recent data from NASBO show that real total state expenditure increased by 5 percent between 1999 and 2000 and 5 percent between 2000 and 2001 (NASBO, 200lc).
The NASBO index ranks states according to the stringency of their balanced budget rules.
It is upon this last point that many officials tend to stumble right out of the gate, contends Brian Roherty, executive director of NASBO.
However, some states such as Maine are already spending as much as 31 percent of their budgets on Medicaid, according to NASBO.
These are the worst numbers we have ever seen in the decades of putting together this report," said NASBO Executive
The NASBO and more recently the TFAH have used information from state budget documents to produce estimates of state governmental spending on public health activities, but differences in state accounting and reporting conventions cause significant errors and inconsistencies in estimates (NASBO 2005; TFAH 2006).