NASCUSNational Association of State Chartered Credit Union Supervisors
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Members are designated by the CSBS, ACSSS, NASCUS, and the FFIEC.
In the newly-created position, she is responsible for retaining and augmenting the association's membership base, as well as reaching out to the state credit union system to demonstrate the value of NASCUS membership.
NASCUS still favors the five-member board, particularly if it includes as requirement that one member have experience regulating credit unions at the state level.
NASCUS said that Congress left financial regulators the option to address the issue through regulation or guidance, adding that NCUA should have considered using guidance to set the standards.
Lucy Ito is president/CEO of NASCUS, based in Arlington, Va.
NASCUS President/CEO Lucy Ito told CU Times that Zuver "frequently considered and spoke up for issues affecting the state credit union system.
NASCUS President/CEO Lucy Ito said in a statement, "As adopted, the spirit of the rule permits state innovation in adopting their own business lending rules.
Calling the move an unprecedented opportunity, NASCUS President/CEO Lucy Ito said in a prepared statement, "It's about time.
Read on to learn who moved up the ladder at cooperatives, as well as at NASCUS and the CUSO Share One, this past week.
Lucy Ito, president/CEO of NASCUS, said in a release that the legislation "represents not just sound public policy, but can help to ensure an equitable playing field for state and federally chartered credit unions.