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NASDNational Association of Securities Dealers
NASDNational Ag Safety Database
NASDNetwork Attached Secure Disks
NASDNational Association of Schools of Dance
NASDNorristown Area School District (Pennsylvania)
NASDNational Alcohol Screening Day
NASDNorthampton Area School District (Pennsylvania)
NASDNetwork Attached Storage Device
NASDNazareth Area School District (Pennsylvania)
NASDNetwork Account Support Division (Sprint)
NASDNorth American Suppliers Directory
NASDNetwork Accessible Storage Device
NASDNaval Air Station Dallas, Texas
NASDNorthwest Area School District (Shickshinny, Pennsylvania)
NASDNaval Aviation Supply Depot
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It also stated that NASD is not `just a private club,' but a self-regulatory organization, federally-mandated under .
NASD will join the NSE, as well as the recently-created Alternative Securities Market (ASEM) designed for unlisted stocks and fast-growing Small and Mediun Enterprises(SMEaACAOs) to bring more choice and transparency to thousands of companies looking to trade their shares on an open, regulated market.
The officials note that they refer separately to NASD and NYSE rules in the notice because some FINRA member firms will be subject only to NASD rules and some both to NASD rules and to some NYSE rules, until FINRA members approve a consolidated rulebook.
Obligations under NASD Rules for Firms and Associated Persons When Recommending or Facilitating the Sale of an Existing Variable Life Insurance Policy to Third Parties
NASD's Notice to Members 05-50 has had a "chilling effect" on fixed indexed annuity sales.
of Dance BFA, BA, and BS; NASD accredited 4600 Sunset Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46208 (317) 940-9346;
In addition, NASD officials encourage investors to follow three basic rules: understand what you're buying and with whom you're dealing; invest based only on education and information--not on emotion; and, says Elisse Waiter, senior executive vice president for regulatory policy and programs at NASD, "Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true."
Another NASD initiative is with Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.
Baruch College, a City University of New York institution, recently received a grant award of $240,829 from the NASD Investor Education Foundation to develop an interactive computer-based investment guide tailored to young adults making career choices.
NASD, a brokerage regulator, said the 'pump and dump' spam messages have moved past e-mail and onto mobile phones.
The 6th edition of this handbook contains revisions and updates that include new amendments to NASD rule 2710 (the so-called corporate financing rule); online Dutch auction procedures in use for the Google, Inc.