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NASDANational Association of State Departments of Agriculture
NASDANational Space Development Agency (Japanese Space Agency)
NASDANational Association of State Development Agencies
NASDANational Association of Specialist Dental Accountants (UK)
NASDANational Academy of Singing and Dramatic Art (New Zealand)
NASDANorth American Strategic Defense Agency
NASDANorth American South Devon Association
NASDANorth American Self Defense Association (Maple Valley, WA)
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This is where NASDA comes in so Ward Hadaway''s associate membership of is a valuable endorsement of the work which we carry out for our dental clients.
Chief among the objections offered by NASDA and many other CAFTA critics is the fact that the supposed "free trade" agreement would impose what amounts to unilateral trade disarmament on U.
NASDA and NAL engineers fixed the landing problem through improvement in the landing control computer program.
had provided to NASDA, brought the data to one of his bosses, and also gave tips on how to gain access to other staff at NEC Toshiba via e-mail, the police said.
The most anticipated change for 2002 is the co-location of the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade's (NASFT) Fancy Food Show with the FMI and NASDA shows.
Today this reputation is decidedly tarnished, with both ISAS and NASDA recovering from a series of failures.
NASDA events are where state, federal, and industry leaders collide to establish policy for the advancement of our food system, said Arsenault.
Goodman, senior partner at Goodman Legal, on Rodney Street, will head up the group of specialist dental lawyers, which was formed to work alongside NASDA to make it easier for dentists to select and appoint complementary specialist advisors.
NASDA and FAS can provide greater value for American organics via the U.
The vehicle landed in auto-pilot mode assisted by a global positioning system as part of a series of flight tests undertaken jointly by the NASDA and the National Aeronautical Laboratory.
NASDA is likely to continue managing the Tanegashima Space Center and handling the actual launches because they are considered national projects.