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Wilkerson said the NASD already has the authority under existing regulations to take action against broker/dealers or brokerages that sell "unsuitable" products to consumers.
By the NASD's own count, it has taken some 80 enforcement actions in the past two years related to variable annuities.
And the NASD has fined and even barred individual brokers for failing to meet suitability guidelines.
"Investment in the variable annuity accomplished none of these goals:' the NASD said in a statement.
While the NASD touts the 80 enforcement actions as a sign of trouble in the variable annuity market, the ACLI said not all 80 actions are related specifically to the suitability of variable annuities.
"It begs the question, if in the larger picture, variable contracts are not a significant contribution to NASD suitability actions ...
Regardless, the NASD already has "all the enforcement power," Wilkerson said.
That is why reliability should be a key factor to consider when purchasing a high-capacity NASD.
The NASD should provide a quick and easy connection to the network without impacting your network or its users.
The NASD should provide user-friendly administration tools.
The NASD should be a cost-effective solution for your organization.
The NASD operating system is fine-tuned to support bulk input/output.