NASGNon-Pneumatic Anti-Shock Garment
NASGNational Association of School Governors (now National Governors’ Association; UK)
NASGNational Association of S Gaugers
NASGNorth American Specialty Glass (Trumbauersville, PA)
NASGNorth American Solutions Group (Xerox Corporation)
NASGNew Age Social Group (Phoenix, AZ)
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The combined results of all the studies on NASG showed that it reduced the odds of death from hypovolemic shock.
Jega F, Co-morbidities and lack of blood negatively affect maternal outcomes of women treated with NASGs in Nigeria.
With headquarters in Trumbauersville, Pennsylvania, NASG offers transparency systems for transportation, architectural, military and other speciality end-use applications to clients around the world.
Tom Ryan, CEO of Consolidated Glass Holdings ("CGH"), an affiliate of Grey Mountain Partners, said, "With a commitment to customer service and quality products, NASG has a reputation for providing consistently superior laminated glazing systems and components.
The NASG team is motivated and ready to provide our customers with an even higher level of service and quality products.
Beth Lesniak, Vice President of Grey Mountain, said, "With a well-capitalized balance sheet, NASG will be stronger than ever and is poised for tremendous growth.
The NASG is the most recent adaptation of an 'anti-shock garment' (ASG), a term used generically to refer to any compression device that shunts blood from the extremities to the core organs thus reversing shock.
19) Unlike its predecessors, the NASG does not inflate and hence does not subject users to the same risk of adverse outcomes.
At a workshop on 'New and Underutilized Technologies to Reduce Maternal Mortality' in Bellagio, Italy, in July 2003, maternal health specialists recommended a large-scale randomised or quasi-experimental trial to determine if the NASG could reduce maternal morbidity and mortality in low-resource settings.
We are very appreciative of the Government's support of this project, and their understanding of the challenges that the Canadian manufacturing industry faces," said Fred Gehring, General Manager, NASG Canada.
The Woodstock, Ontario NASG facility is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cambridge Investments Inc.
Currently, NASG Canada outsources its tool and die manufacturing internationally.