NASHSNational Adolescent Student Health Survey
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397 provides that the NASHS "will serve as the premier training center to develop the athletic skills and talents of high school students.
Sid Holland and Walter Nash were the winter and spring 'seasons' for Alister McIntosh's 23-year tutelage of his quartet of prime ministers, Peter Fraser, Sid Holland, Walter Nash and Keith Holyoake.
LOS ANGELES -- Los Angeles Lakers guard Steve Nash announced his retirement Saturday, quietly ending a 19-year NBA career that included two MVP awards.
Fernando fell for 66, hooking Ormond straight to David Sales in the deep, while Mendis (57) edged Cosker behind for Nash to take a sharp catch before Ashley Giles earned the first leg-before dismissal of the day in the 63rd over to dismiss Dilshan.
This finding was unexpected, given results from the NASHS study, in which about three of every ten students felt fighting probably or definitely could cause them to be injured badly enough to miss school or work or to need medical help.[4]
Monitoring the Future and the NASHS are school-based surveys with sample designs and survey administration procedures similar to the SSSHRS.
Each form also included nine core behavior items used in the National Adolescent Student Health Survey (NASHS).
This list of behaviors and their corresponding questions were drawn from the National Adolescent Student Health Survey (NASHS).