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The theory has three main elements that results of intention and was very popular in entrepreneurship research (Nasip et al., 2017; Al Mamun et al., 2017).
There is definitely a shortage, and we needed to address it immediately,' said Dr Nasip.
Dr Nasip said that Sabah has about 51 pork producers including a handful of big commercial farms while others are small time farmers who in total produce about 120,000 pigs per year.
Among the Dusuns, fatal epidemics (penyakit gayo) (31) appear to have been the main reason to relocate an alai gayo prematurely, while adverse omens (nasip raat, angai raat), or bad dreams (nupi raat) could force them to postpone moving into a new alai gayo, or erecting the first tancok.
Moreover, recent studies by Nasip et al., (2017) and Al Mamun et al., (2017) explained that the emergence of student entrepreneur is mostly influenced by founders' characteristics namely a need for achievement, innovativeness, propensity for risk taking, locus of control and self-efficacy.
Manik and Sidharta, 2016; Nasip et al., 2017; Yukongdi and Lofa, 2017).
'We have arrested four suspects and it turns out (Nasip Ibrahim) is their main contact here.
Energy Minister Nasip Naco has said the government may cut investments in roads to raise the money for power purchases if necessary.
In the event of setting out from home for the purpose of any activity which was either far enough away, or in some way hazardous enough, to require some encouragement from augury--but then not receiving any guidance within the first mile--one had three options: (a) to turn back and try again the following day and the third day (or the third day could be timed to fall after an interval of one day, the intermitted day being called baolot); (b) if there was a relevant dream, take guidance from that; (c) weigh the relative riskiness of the enterprise, and at a low level of risk go ahead, hoping that one's unrevealed nasip (innate luck) was good enough to see one through any hazards.
Afficionados confess that these "good" dreams do not come true with absolute reliability, but in a case of disappointment the blame would be placed on innate bad nasip in the protagonist, which has outweighed the omen.
Nasip Ibrahim, an alleged Maute extremist, was arrested inside the Salam Compound in Barangay (village) Culiat in Quezon City Monday evening.
Nasip Sarip Ibrahim was said to have been providing safe haven to other members of the Lanao-based Maute group in Salam Compound in Brgy.