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Firstly, our Avestan mss do not represent the fragmentary remains of the huge canon of twenty-one Nasks ("the Sasanian Avesta") described in the ninth-century Denkard, but rather they contain complete liturgical collections that were employed in ritual and in the training of priests.
Under the agreement announced today, financial details of which were not disclosed, the ASTRA2Connect service is available to NASK immediately.
Assuming, therefore, that the ritual may have been one similar to the sidos rituals, the mahr, i.e., Avestan text, recited at this ceremony may have been the Ustauuaiti Ga[theta]a, which is recited by the soul while still sitting near the place where the person died (Hadaxt nask 2.2), and, specifically, its last had, the Kamnamez had, which is said in the S(t)udgar nask in book nine of the Denkard to be "about the coming of the Bone-untier," i.e., when a person dies.
NAsk them what they think about waiting to have sex with someone they care about and who will share the responsibility for contraception and safer sex.
H[]d[]xt nask 2.40: sp[delta]ntat haca numiiaot zara[theta]ustra a[]sam ci[theta]r[delta]m vahist[]at ca managhat "From the Life-giving Spirit.
NAsk at the surgery if you should also have the pneumonia vaccine.
Dk 9.21.2 states that the twentieth fargard of the lost Sudgar Nask told how Dahaka took power from Yima when the latter was cut in two.