NASMDNational Association of State Medicaid Directors
NASMDNational Association of School Music Dealers (Dallas, TX)
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The NASMD was developed to provide harmonized and quality-controlled soil moisture data for scientists and decision makers.
Although ISMN and NASMD are similar in that their primary purpose is to aggregate, quality control, and disseminate soil moisture measurements, there are a number of important differences.
Soil moisture databases, like NASMD and ISMN, provide data for validation of land surface model output (Zhang and Wegehenkel 2006; Jiang et al.
In 2007, several states that received transformation grants to redesign their health information technology systems came together with NASMD to form the Multi-State Collaboration on Medicaid Transformation.
in the past, NASMD has been able to review and provide input on State Medicaid Director and State Health Official letters prior to the formal issuance.
NASMD and APHSA applaud SSA's efforts to resolve the ongoing disability application crisis; however, an unintended consequence has occurred.
Data integration will also reduce administrative burdens relating to coordination of benefits and provider billing potentially reducing payment errors and opportunities for fraud, APHSA and NASMD recommend a joint state-federal taskforce to develop policies and protocols that allow states and the federal government to share Medicaid and Medicare data in a secure manner
NASMD noted that states recognize the need to update HIPAA to medical reporting and classification standards that align with medical advances and international classifications.
NASMD also expressed concern to HHS about the letter restricting FFP for enrollment brokers.
In addition, NASMD worked with congressional leaders to temporarily increase Federal Medical Assistance Percentage rates.
Kohler has been active in NASMD for many years, and is a member of its Executive Committee.
NASMD continues to encourage action on the Medicaid Rules Moratorium.