NASNNational Association of School Nurses
NASNNorth American Sports Network (TV channel)
NASNNational Association of Sports Nutrition (San Diego, CA)
NASNNOAA/CMDL Air Sampling Network
NASNNorth American Shopping Network (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)
NASNNucleus of the Accessory Spinal Nerve (neurology)
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I've been billing Medicaid for years," says NASN President Carolyn Duff.
NASN data from nearby Helena and Glacier National Park do not show a significant change in average [SO.
NASN passed a Resolution in June 2003 advocating that public "school districts should provide a full-time registered nurse all day, every day for each school.
In December Disney-owned sports web E SPN bought NASN, the European channel dedicated to North American sports, from Setanta for an undisclosed sum.
Imaginate has expanded and taken on a new designer thanks to major contracts with companies such as the American Major League Baseball and Sky TV channel NASN.
Good live show, a highlights package that puts Scotsport to shame, games from France, Italy, Germany and the wonderful NASN channel thrown in for free.
You can also catch all the action from the American sports scene on the NASN channel, now part of the Setanta Sports package at no extra cost.
After three years of much promising, a television deal has been agreed with NASN, a subscription channel that focuses on North American sports.
At my request, the NASN, to which around 11,000 of the nation's 40,000 school nurses belong, sent out an e-mail survey to board members asking what they thought about students carrying their own asthma inhalers.
In a national descriptive cross-sectional survey of school nurses who were members of the NASN, Hendershot, Dake, Price, and Lartey (2006) found that the majority of school nurses were moderately prepared to identify bullied children.
Dates and locations for upcoming NASN events: Atlanta, Georgia,March 16, Boston, Massachusetts, June 8, Costa Mesa, California, July 20, Denver, Colorado, August 10 and Springfield, Missouri, October 4.
There has been no comprehensive study since then, but anecdotal reports show that more school nurses are losing their jobs as budgets are cut and health services are a low priority, says Carolyn Duff, president of the NASN.