NASPAANational Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration
NASPAANational Association of Sports Public Address Announcers (Gladstone, MO)
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NASPAA calls upon its accredited programs to adopt a set of required competencies for its graduates, one of which requires students to be able "to communicate and interact productively with a diverse and changing workforce and citizenry" (NASPAA 2014).
In fact, many other NASPAA accredited MPA programs serve large constituencies of nontraditional students and many of these programs have wrestled with the issue of developing appropriate admission criteria (Bowman, 1988, 1990; NASPAA 2004).
NASPAA graduates have a wide range of skills and are prepared for many different jobs but all of them understand the challenge, anticipate the excitement and accept the responsibility that comes with managing the public sector.
In the quantitative and qualitative techniques of analysis section, NASPAA specifies policy and program formulation, implementation and evaluations, and decision making and problem solving.
50) The program of the October, 1997 NASPAA annual conference included pant sessions on 'Teaching About the Media in NASPAA Programs,"Research on Communication Public Program Management' and 'Teaching Effective Communication for Public Management.
Given the challenges facing local government, the 1980s and 1990s would see NASPAA and the ICMA work together to establish academic standards for training city managers (Pugh, 1989; Cox, Gabris, & Levine, 2010).
The big reason Don felt such ownership in each of these pillars of our professional community--ASPA, NASPAA, NAPA, APWA, ACIPA, IASIA, and on down the line--was that he helped create all of them, and served in top leadership positions of every one of them, usually as chair, president, or executive director.
One of the key steps taken at the conference was to explore means to increase partnerships between NASPAA and practitioner organizations like NLC and ICMA.
Although NASPAA has not yet required it for certification purposes, an increasing number of MPA programs seem to be working globalization into their curricula.
Among the 229 NASPAA schools, 225 offer a professional master's degree in public administration, public affairs, public policy, or some combination thereof.
NASPAA recently revised its standards for the accreditation of public affairs, policy, and public administration programs.
They have also tried to establish the effect of accreditation by NASPAA on the core curriculum.