NASTADNational Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors (Washington, DC)
NASTADNational Association of State and Territorial Apprenticeship Directors
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We have reprinted the Executive Summary of the report in its entirety with permission from NASTAD.
Key informants were randomly selected from a master list provided by NASTAD of more than 100 Latinos from around the country, including Puerto Rico.
These meetings also gave stakeholders an opportunity to interact and problem solve on emergent issues with leadership from CDC, NASTAD, and national AIDS organizations.
The break-out sessions also afforded the leadership of NASTAD an opportunity to listen and respond to expressed apprehensions, thereby fortifying the collective commitment to community planning among its membership.
Giving co-chairs a voice also provided CDC staff and NASTAD leadership with direct, local-level feedback on how the process was faring.
Specific technical assistance funds were also provided for different types of assistance and through various funding agreements to: the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists (CSTE), the Academy for Educational Development (AED), and NASTAD.
Prior to implementation of HIV Prevention Community Planning, CDC program administrators communicated with leadership from NASTAD on an ad-hoc, issue-specific basis and through routine quarterly meetings held in Atlanta.