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NASUSNational Academy of Sciences of the United States
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Screening potential SSR markers of the anadromous fish Coilia nasus by de novo transcriptome analysis using Illumina sequencing.
En otras especies de Parodontidae ha sido reportado crecimiento con tendencia a la alometria positiva en Parodon magdalenensis en el rio La Miel Pareja y Jimenez-Segura (2012), asi como en machos de P nasus (b=3.
Eigenmann, 1907 1 microcephala Imir Imparfinis mirini Hasemann, 1911 110 Btur Bryconamericus turiuba Langeani, de 5 Lucena, Pedrini & Tarelho-Pereira, 2005 Apar Astyanax scabripinnis Eigenmann, 1914 83 paranae Cihe Cetopsorhamdia iheringi Schubart & Gomes, 57 1959 Ccue Corumbataia cuestae Britski, 1997 2 Aalt Astyanax altiparanae Garutti & Britskii, 7 2000 Aibi Apareiodon ibitiensis Amaral Campos, 1944 1 Pnas Parodon nasus Kner, 1859 0 Aboc Astyanax bockmanni Vari & Castro, 2007 3 Cfla Corydoras flaveolus Ihering, 1911 0 Imbor Imparfinis borodini Mees & Cala, 1989 14 Parg Piabina argentea Reinhardt, 1867 0 Rque Rhamdia quelen (Quoy & Gaimard, 15 1824) Hanc Hypostomus ancistroides (Ihering, 1911) 6 Hypsp1 Hypostomus sp.
nasus reaches sexual maturity at 2-3 years old and migrates up river for spawning in fresh water from April to October each year (Liu et al.
Associated catches of sharks, Prionace glauca, Isurus oxyrinchus, and Lamna nasus, with NW and N Spanish swordfish fishery, in 1984.
15 Hyun-Jae Woo, Chang Hoon Bai, Yong-Dae Kim, Si-Youn Song Mucoepidermoid carcinoma of the submandibular gland after chemotherapy in a child Auris Nasus Larynx 36 (2009) 244-46.
The exaggerated nasus and frontal glands develop as the mandibles regress.
40 (450m): Lah Nasus, Turati, Distant Mac (m), Floral Ace (m), Another Stride (m), Who's Class (w).
Imparfinis mirini, Bryconamericus turiuba, Cetopsorhamdia iheringi, Corumbataia cuestae, Apareiodon ibitiensis, Parodon nasus, Imparfinis borodini, Piabina argentea and Rhamdia quelen were the species that presented more than ten females for each period and they had the reproduction intensity evaluated by sampling period.
Key words: Northwest Territories, Mackenzie Delta, brown bear, grizzly bear, Ursus arctos, broad whitefish, Coregonus nasus, traditional knowledge, predation
Susan LaPlante-Dube, Founder and President of Precision Marketing Group, was formerly Principal of Nasus Consulting, her own marketing consultancy.