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nasus, two PTGES2s were found in the ovarian transcriptome, and after validation by amplification, these two transcripts were demonstrated to come from different genome loci, which are PTGES2 orthologs.
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En otras especies de Parodontidae ha sido reportado crecimiento con tendencia a la alometria positiva en Parodon magdalenensis en el rio La Miel Pareja y Jimenez-Segura (2012), asi como en machos de P nasus (b=3.17) y A.
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Genotoxic and Histopathological Effects of Water Pollution on Two Fish Species, Barbus capito pectoralis and Chondrostoma nasus in the Buyuk Menderes River, Turkey.
10 31.25 14 29.79 101 23.17 1654.76 29.97 Vertebrata Osteichthyes Clupeiformes Engraulidae Anchoa 12 37.50 12 25.53 88 20.18 1714.33 31.05 ischana Anchoa nasus 10 31.25 13 27.66 67 15.37 1344.58 24.35 Anchovia 5 15.62 5 10.64 135 30.96 650.02 11.77 macrolepidota Aulopiformes Synodontidae Synodus 3 9.375 3 6.38 45 10.32 156.60 2.83 scituliceps TOTAL 32 47 100.00 436 100.00 5520.29 100.00 DISCUSSION
10.15 (450m A3): Lah Nasus, Ballymac The Man, Cordoola Ted (m), Black Clogheen (m), Fleeced Billy (m), Pantone Noir (m).
Porbeagle shark (Lamna nasus), which lives in temperate waters and whose population has shrunk by 80% in recent decades, was the only one of the four commercial shark species for which stronger protection had been proposed to the CITES - in particular by the European Union - to make it through the committee procedure.