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Fred Wilmot, who served as a test pilot for the Prowler and delivered the first one to NASWI while serving in Electronic Attack Squadron (VAQ) 129 in January 1971.
Naval Base Kitsap won a total of 10 awards, with Louisiana winning five, NASWI and NHB winning two, and Maine and NSE with one each.
NASWI's BASH program began with the removal of perches from the airfield.
NAS Whidbey Island's commanding officer signed a BASH instruction, detailing the NASWI plan.
SE mechanics from the carriers can use the powder-coat facilities at NASWI for their post-deployment corrosion and painting requirements.
All the aircrew are familiar with getting in and out of NASWI. They can spout HARM timelines in their sleep and just about have the FCC-jammer-deconfliction frequencies memorized.