NATAFNorthwest African Tactical Air Force
NATAFNational AIDS Treatment Advocates Forum
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Abbreviations AFDD Air Force doctrine document ASC air support control ATO air tasking order AWCS Airborne Warning and Control System CAOC combined air and space operations center CC&DE centralized control and decentralized execution FM field manual JFACC joint force air component commander JP joint publication NATAF Northwest African Tactical Air Force
11) NATAF aircraft were used extensively for interdiction prior to the main assault.
The commander for all tactical aviation from NATAF for Avalanche, Major General Edwin House, was not tasked with supporting any operations until D-Day.
This year's NATAF meeting will be held in New Orleans, LA, on December 8-11, 2002.
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The second volume of Rabbi Francis Natafs exploration of the Bible is filled with insights and is a fresh take on an ancient text.