NATAMNorwegian Air Traffic and Airport Management (now Avinor)
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The Milanese canon Pier Leone di Cavaglia had his four year-old niece deliver an oration at the wedding of Beatrice of Portugal and Carlo III duke of Savoy in 1521, "Epithalamion habitum per me Veronicam Luciam de Leonibus quattuor annos natam," as noted in Ibid., 31.
Quo enim rariores, eo maiore sunt dignae laude, si quae modo Latinarum litterarum non ignarae reperiuntur ut quemadmodum Greci Aspasia, Diotima et non minus sancta quam docta femina Macrina, magni Basilii sorore, ac maiores nostri Proba, Emilia Africana, Hortensia et reliquis foeminis peritioribus glorientur, ita nos Hyppolitam nostris temporibus in Italia natam ac litteris institutam esse laetemur, nec ingenio tan tum et doctrina verum etiam maiorum gloria, modestia, pudore, pietate ac pulchritudine claram, et quasi Pandoram illam Hesiodi in quam dei deaeque omnes omnis formae omnisque virtutis decus congessissent admiremur."
Rosenbauer Norge AS has received a contract award for aircraft fire-fighting vehicles from NATAM, the Norwegian air traffic and airport management.
Norwegian Air Traffic and Airport Management (NATAM) owns and operates 45 airports throughout Norway (14 of them in association with the military) and is also responsible for all air traffic services.
Oslo is Norway's most significant airport and is a subsidiary of NATAM. Oslo Lufthavn A/S was formed in 1992 to build and operate the new airport at Gardermoen, Oslo.
Allen, Jr.,`O fortunatam natam ...', TAPA 87 (1956), 141-3; M.
It might be useful to compare Pliny's gently ironic approach to his poetry and to the possibilities offered by poetry to the more intense approach of Cicero.(24) In addition to translating Greek poetry into Latin (including Aratus and passages from Homer and the tragedians), Cicero also wrote his own poetry, including the infamous 'o fortunatam natam me consule Romam', mocked by Juvenal in his tenth satire.
(56.) Augustine, Letter 102.6.30: "Quod sibi etiam vult supra euomitum Ionam cucurbitam natam?"
Each coupling was ritually prescribed and named; huak af (to shed the skin), ha ekit (to make smooth), natam anten mese (to enter once again).
sadadiva) or ican in this manifestation, is the tattva natam (Skt.
Since natam is a tattva, the sounds and letters of the Tamil alphabet are more than symbols that depend on the distinction between signifier and signified: they are icons of those elements, participating directly in the reality they purport to represent.