NATARNATO Trans-Atlantic Advanced Radar
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Initial NATAR participants reportedly include Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Norway and the US, with Turkey and a number of other treaty signatories having been invited to join the program.
Natars Man sharik har shab geryehay toam Natars Az in daftar naneveshte natars Khah nakhah varagh mikhorad in vazhe in ketab Tanha az in tarke tarsh biparde bepors Yek mashgh ram magar Chand bar bi dalil khat mizannad K ma bayad baz Ba chesh baste v adast shekaste Tavan nevis tanhaee to bashim Ta key (Salehi; 81; [7])
For example, in Farsi, the following utterance could, in nature, be regarded as either a complaint or a reprimand: "inghadr natars az in modir" ("don't be so scared of the head teacher").