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NATASNational Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
NATASNational Association of Travel Agents Singapore
NATASNorth American Thermal Analysis Society
NATASNation Ahead of Time and Space (band)
NATASNational Appropriate Technology Assistance Service (US Department of Energy)
NATASNational Anti-Tesh Action Society
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After NATAS demanded arbitration, the two sides eventually settled the spat.
The main reason for this battle is that both NATAS and ATAS want to capture the networks, as well as an audience, for their Emmy Awards shows.
Next up, Way plans to do a Natas hydrant spin on top of a Great Egyptian Pyramid.
Natas Kaupas--the marketing director at Quiksilver--has been paying attention to his line of skateboards available at NHS, which tends to make a lot of people confused.