NATCANational Air Traffic Controllers Association
NATCANational Association of TAFE Councils & Associates
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NATCA was also key in renegotiating and restarting the FAA Fly-a-Controller program, which provides ATC with limited jump-seat privileges throughout the USA.
In addition, both the FAA and NATCA are providing controllers in support of data collection activities.
NATCA is attempting to implement a comprehensive and non-punitive fatigue mitigation policy to enhance the safety of the United States' National Airspace System (NAS).
The same cannot be said of NATCA, the controllers' union, nor Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood, who commented, "This is a stunning example of a lack of professionalism, not following the rules, not using common sense.
In co-operation with MWAA, the FAA Air Traffic Control Tower, NATCA, and United Airlines, surveillance information from the system will be provided to MWAA Ramp and FAA tower ground control positions.
Mr Victor Eyaru, the President of NATCA, revealed this while speaking at the 43rd edition of its Annual General Meeting (AGM) and conference in Kano.
NATCA open to discussion on ATC privatization Some stakeholders are having discussions on privatizing air-traffic control functions because of recent budget cuts and concerns over funding NextGen, according to the General Accountability Office.
In the aftermath, the controllers' union, NATCA, blamed a supervisor for that decision, but we're infuriated ATC would put them in a situation where a choice had to be made.