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NATCHNorth American Agility Trial Champion
NATCHNatural Dry Cider (UK)
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Those who say it usually aren't short of a bob or two, but don't think the common plebs deserve the cash because they'll just - unlike them, natch - waste it.
Lucky hosts and their guests even get a preview song--called, natch, "Tupperware Lady.
CAT OF THE WEEK NAME: Paddy APPEARANCE: Tabby and white SPECIAL SKILLS: It's hard to get a moggy to care about anything - apart from sleeping and eating, natch - but Paddy is a cat with a social conscience.
In Egypt, they love celebs kidnapped at gunpoint (don't get ideas, Simon Cowell), the Indians want dancing, South Koreans are addicted to gambling, and tonight, Daisy's in Brazil where they want beautiful booty, natch.
Fair enough it's better than sitting there making vroom noises yourself, but the fact that your chosen model (all the Japanese ones, natch, plus Ducati, Triumph and others) change engine note depending on whether you fit a new exhaust is for all the chainspotters.
He clearly adores the work of James Agee with, natch, serious reservations: "Agee was a brick wall against pretense in small movies, but, on Big Scale work, where the Boulevard is made of National Velvet and the Limelight's as stunning as the Sierra Madre, Agee's reviews suggested a busy day at Muscle Beach: flexing words, bulging rumps of talent, pyramidal displays of filming cunning.
Rudin, natch, is hoping to forge a relationship with Trier, though he has not put anything to paper yet.
From her favourite Paris designer Herve Leger, natch.
Well, it seems the girl was ahead of the pack, natch, and this summer the high street has followed (swim) suit with some fierce versions.