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but the bulk of her training was at NATFA, where she did oral history research as a student in the first experimental theatre class taught by Ivan Dobchev and Margarita Mladenova, the founders of Theatre Laboratory Sfumato.
His demand is in relation to the Friday intrusion of Siderov into NATFA, and not to the developments of Sunday).
But Hristo Mutafchiev, who presides over the actios' union in Bulgaria, told private national bTV station he had gone to NATFA to find someone who had not allowed him to put election campaign posters on the building's walls.
30 am, the students staged a flash mob in front of the NATFA building on Rakovski Str.
NATFA has become the latest Bulgarian higher education institution to be blocked by students as a sign of protest against the governmentas alleged ties with murky oligarchs.
He taught directing and acting at NATFA since 1996.