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Nathe Weil, Jeanne's father, found the perfect solution.
By their account, Chief Blue Jacket was born a Shawnee Indian who has been known by at least two additional Indian names over the more than 240 years since his birth: Se pet te he nathe (given name at birth: Big Rabbit, ca 1738) (Sugden 2003), and Wa weyapiersehnwaw (adult chosen name: Whirlpool, ca 1777) (Sugden 2003).
And indeed Proust might be said to be not only the literary but also the literal descendant of this mid-nineteenth-century Jewish writer, for the actual Ben-Levi, the man behind the pseudonym, was Godchaux Baruch Weil, Proust's great-uncle (the half-brother of his grandfather, Nathe Weil).
Nathe, is part of a "strategy to focus more aggressively on growing Baldwin's core business" in cleaning, fluid-management, drying, and consumables.
(27.) Adam Nathe, Special Report--Promoting Universal Service Through Grant Funding for Non-Profits: Wisconsin PSC [sections] 160.125's First Grant Cycle, in 26 THE PUB.
The ranch scientist was Craig Nathe. He figured out how much grass guzzling the cattle do and the impact on the base's range.
Nathe, GAERF chairman and chairman and president of Baldwin Technology Company, Inc.
In the second program, in Pilcuyo, Peru, high in the Andes by Lake Titicaca, lay missioners Steve Nathe and his wife, Mary Beth Mathum, have left the comforts of Chicago to live and work with Aymara Indians, an ancient tribe distinguished by their tall hats and colorful costumes.
I think being on TV drew them to her," says JoAnn Nathe of Sauk Centre, Minnesota.
I want to comment on "The Rites of College Athletics." Sports and exercise columnist Carl Nathe conducted an interesting QA with two University of Kentucky coaches about, as Nathe aptly wonders, "what role [religious l faith plays--if any--in how they approach their profession and the student-athletes entrusted to their guidance." The topic warrants investigation, and Nathe did a fine job of enlightening their positions.