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Another study (Falls & Natke, 2014) examined data from games in the FBS (or Division I-A) in a later period and reported similar results: video broadcasts of any type increased game-day attendance by over 1,300 people.
This value is similar to that found in a study of FCS attendance (-1.90; Falls & Natke; 2016).
Price and Sen (2003) suggested it leads to an increase of approximately 5,000 fans, while Falls and Natke (2014) estimate about 1,300 more people.
Natke (1982) found that 94% of exports by domestically owned manufacturing firms in Brazil were to developed countries and 75% of their imports were from these nations.
A study of multinational subsidiaries in Brazil (Natke, 1982) found that a large portion of trade flows were with the parent nation (49% for U.S.
The following selected studies of Brazilian industries are sufficient to justify that behavioral differences based on ownership did exist during the time period of this study: Connor and Mueller (1982), Falls and Natke (1988), Lall and Streeten (1977), Natke (1986), Newfarmer and Marsh (1981), Newfarmer and Mueller (1975), and United Nations (1985).