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NATOPSNaval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization
NATOPSNaval Aviation Training and Operating Procedures Standardization
NATOPSNaval Air Training & Operating Procedure & Standard
NATOPSNot Applicable To Our Present Situation
NATOPSNot Applicable to Old Pilots :-)
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They discovered that the references listed in NATOPS were incorrect.
Replacement training was the first of the concepts developed in that six-year period, but once adopted it led into others, especially level readiness and NATOPS.
We cleared our wingman to land and flew out to the radar pattern to do simulated emergencies for my NATOPS check.
As mentioned before, there is no procedure in the F-5 NATOPS about runaway cockpit airflow/temperature.
The S-3 NATOPS states that a constant airspeed is one the indications of a spin, but the manual does not elaborate on what that airspeed actually is.
The pilot executed his NATOPS immediate action items and initiated a waveoff.
AE1 started executing the emergency NATOPS procedures by quickly scanning the engine instruments, which were all in the normal range, and securing the air conditioning system.
After eating a few slices of leftover pizza and holding a NATOPS brief, we manned up and flew the last leg to Barksdale AFB .
Now ol' Gramps is a pretty smart guy, but I know full well that I ain't smarter than NATOPS. When something's amiss, I'm gonna do what it tells me.
Also, NATOPS says to run engines for a minimum of five minutes before moving any control surfaces; this will limit damage to hydraulic lines and seals.
2 engine per the NATOPS memory items with concurrence from the flying pilot and crew chief.
After the go-around, the pilot activated his emergency seat pan oxygen but failed to secure OBOGS in accordance with NATOPS procedures.