NATRENorth Atlantic Tracer Release Experiment
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"The renewed certificate, valid until 2021, reaffirms the financial stability of the country's only authorized professional reinsurance company and its ability to continue to serve and pay claims to its client companies," NatRe said in a statement.
PhilRatings took into consideration NatRe's solid market franchise, shareholders of good standing, experienced management, sound investment portfolio and the expectations of continued industry growth in assigning the financial strength rating.
Special commendation and book tokens were awarded to Elizabeth Heywood (2nd from the right), whose design will appear on the NATRE website.
After a series of stylish and unsettling set pieces, Ton is forced to reveal to Jane that the phantom is Natre (Achita Sikamana), a former g.f.
While scares aplenty punctuate the film, the final half-hour, starting with a resourceful communication from the ghostly Natre, is outstanding.
In terms of general macroeconomic conditions, we include exports and imports, total natural resource rents (natres), gross capital formation (capital), and foreign direct investment (fdi), all measured as a percentage of GDP.
By far, the two most important predictors of export diversification are total net enrollment in primary education (edu5) and total natural resource rents as a percentage of GDP (natres).
The research presented in this paper is financially supported by the research program 2010.10-4/VPP-5 "Sustainable Use of Local Resources (Entrails of the Earth, Forest, Food and Transport)--New Products and Technologies (NatRes)", project "Development of Safe and Durable Road Transport Infrastructures (DIATIA)" (20092014) of the Ministry of Science and Education which is gratefully acknowledged.
This work has been supported by the European Social Fund within the project <<Support for the implementation of doctoral studies at Riga Technical University>> and National Research Program of Latvia 2010-2013 "Sustainable use of local resources (underground resources, wood, food and transport)--new products and technologies (NatRes)" within the project V7804.