NAUBNational Association of Urban Bankers
NAUBNational Association of Unicorn Believers (t-shirt)
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Diagnosis of NAUB can be established with the help of microscopic and immunohistochemical staining characteristics of the tumour and also with the help of cytology and electron microscopic features of the tumour.
Combinations of cytology, flow cytometry, DNA image analysis, and fluorescence in situ hybridization of bladder washings and voided urine are useful in the monitoring of NAUB.
NAUB is not considered malignant but it is associated with high recurrence rate.
Whiteman of the NAUB took a master's in civil engineering from Columbia, and started his career in that field before switching.
He also recommends that once young bankers have found their first job, they join trade groups such as the NAUB where, guided by club members, they can try out their managing styles in a sort of practical laboratory by working on committees.