NAUFNo Added Urea Formaldehyde (building materials)
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"Every letter is there!" [He repeats it.] "A Henry cinq cedera (his crown of course); de Saint-Cloud partira; en nauf (that's an old French word for skiff, vessel, felucca, corvette, anything you like) errera--"
This was concurrent with lower levels of lipid oxidation volatiles, compared to the NAUF WPC 80 samples.
D ARL 27.00 192.00 82.80 23.49 AC SIZE 0.00 7.00 3.45 0.83 AC CHAIR 0.00 1.00 0.98 0.13 AC_IND_P 0.00 100.00 22.07 25.37 LAUF 4.58 8.03 6.11 0.50 P NAUF 0.00 94.01 37.44 20.39 BIG 4 0.00 1.00 0.53 0.50 ROA -120.71 111.34 6.18 15.26 EPS -40.00 929.11 19.15 70.75 P_L 0.00 1.00 0.22 0.42 S Company 6.79 12.23 9.63 0.86 Notes: ARL, audit report lag; ACSIZE, audit committee size; ACCHAIR, audit committee chair independency; AC_IND_P, audit committee independent directors percentages; LAUF, log of audit fees; P_NAUF, percentage of non-audit fee; BIG_4, type of audit company; ROA, return on assets; EPS, earning per shares; P_L, Profit and loss and S_Company, size of company.
The standard core material is NAUF industrial-grade particleboard.
Look for green certifications, such as GREENGUARD, FSC, and NAUF (no added urea formaldehyde).
The Global I Foundation team consisting of Nauf Al Rawaf - executive manager of International Development Projects, Mona Shahab - executive manager of Intercultural Initiatives, and Amal AlGrafi, project manager presented their respective department's highlights.
For example, says TorZo's Jeff Southwell, the hardness on an infused FSI rated NAUF OSB panel rose from 800 pounds on a janka ball test to 4,600 pounds.
Available from Uniboard, NU Green zero NAUF particleboard is FSC certified and meets environmental certification standards set by the Composite Panel Assn.
From Prince Alwaleed's private office, the attendees were Nada Alsugair, executive director, finance and administration, Maram Bakhurji, manager, design and construction department, Hassna Alturki, department head travel and external affairs Hani Alagha, senior manager, travel and external affairs and Fahad bin Saad bin Nafel, executive assistant to the chairman, The delegation from Alwaleed bin Talal Foundation were Nauf Al-Rawaf, executive manager of international development projects and Princess Lamia bint Majid Alsaud, executive manager, media and communication.
DBS, a supplier of solid wood, plywood and melamine drawer boxes and components recently converted its line of plywood drawer boxes from conventional plywood to 9-ply, two-step, FSC-Certified NAUF ApplePly[R] from States Industries, DBS' parent company.
MDF is also available in Class Afire rating and NAUF MDF is available in both thin and thick panels.
They are produced from available sheet goods, including NAUF. (888) 398-1804,