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NAUTIS 5s new autonomous systems capabilities have been developed following BAE Systems leading roles in a number of autonomous systems projects and programmes, such as the Royal Navys 2016 Unmanned Warrior exercise, the DSTL Maritime Autonomous Platform Exploitation (MAPLE) consortium and the recently launched National Maritime Autonomy Centre.
For MCM ships using the current version of NAUTIS, a simple upgrade can be installed in short maintenance periods without the need to change on-board consoles.
Altogether, NAUTIS 5 offers a reduction in through-life costs, increased operational capabilities, improved user experience, improved agility and the capacity for further growth.
We are very satisfied with the latest delivery of cutting edge NAUTIS simulators and our existing partnership with VSTEP B.
As per the contract, VSTEP along with its Mexican partner Edutelsa will supply and deploy a NAUTIS DNV Class A Full Mission Bridge Simulator and two classrooms of NAUTIS Desktop Trainers for a total of 24 desktop stations.
It is stated that the simulators will use the NAUTIS Naval Task Force software module, which is specifically designed to meet the training requirements of navies and coast guards and includes tactical communications, amphibious landing, replenishment at sea and Anti-Piracy Training.
Our NAUTIS Simulators with Naval Task Force module will provide naval students and personnel with a very effective training tool for naval operations, said VSTEP Director, Pjotr van Schothorst, We look forward to delivery and installation of the simulator classrooms for the new simulator wing in Veracruz and will maintain a strong relationship with the Mexican Navy for future projects.
The new generation of advanced DNV-certified maritime simulator NAUTIS developed by VSTEP includes a range of simulators, from desktop to full mission bridge.
The simulator deal comprises a 240A NAUTIS OSV desktop trainer and NAUTIS instructor station.
The company said that for the NAUTIS OSV desktop trainer, the azimuth controls are provided in a desktop size control box, connected to the PC with a USB cable.