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NAVANational Association for the Visual Arts
NAVANorth American Vexillological Association
NAVANational Association for Variable Annuities
NAVANavajo National Monument (US National Park Service)
NAVANational Association of Valuers and Auctioneers (UK)
NAVANational Audiovisual Archive
NAVANational Audio Visual Association
NAVANorthern Arizona Volleyball Academy (Peoria, AZ)
NAVANational Alliance for Volunteer Action (Bulgaria)
NAVANorth Atlantic Videogame Aficionados
NAVANeurally Adjusted Ventilator Assist (mechanical ventilation (life support) controlled directly by the patient's own neural control of breathing)
NAVANavigator and Venturer Association (UK)
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"Customers may buy an item once because it is GMO- or gluten-free, but if they don't find that it tastes great, they won't repeat the sale," Nava states.
Early sculptures in Rodrigo Nava's Expansions series were created by hydroforming—injecting water under pressure into welded steel sculptures.
"South Korea has changed so quickly since the Korean War," explains Nava, who is preparing his final defense for the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program at Hopkins.
The note near Aide Nava's body said if politicians did not "fall into line" they would be executed.
"What Shane did halfway through the season two years ago,'' Nava said, "to drop switch-hitting that deep into the year and then just start to rake the ball, that's so off the charts I don't know how anybody could expect to do that.''
Constellation also announced expansion of the Nava brewery by another five million hectoliters.
Applicants must be members of or work for members of NAVA, NAEA, ARLA or ICBA, the membership bodies that uphold professional standards within their respective industries.
Having just the teen's first name, Nava recalled, "It was really nothing to start with.
Another aspect of Zolaesque naturalism is demonstrated throughout the movie when the observer notes that one of Nava's primary intention in the film is to focus on the main reasons why undocumented Latinos emigrate to the USA.