NAVAIRSYSCOMNaval Air Systems Command
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Hepler expected more "positives" than "negatives" as PMA-260 has a very solid reputation within the NAVAIRSYSCOM community.
TADIRCM is a laser-based countermeasures system, developed by Sanders, the Naval Research Laboratory and the Electronic Warfare Advanced Technology (EWAT) program at NAVAIRSYSCOM. The EWAT program has also been involved in the AN/AAR-47(V)112 upgrade (see "Testing of AN/AAR-47 Upgrade Returns to White Sands," on p.
"TADIRCM development is aimed at three communities," explained CDR Joel Stubbs, an F-14 radar-intercept officer and executive officer for the NAVAIRSYSCOM PMA-272 Aircraft Survivability Equipment/Advanced Technology Foreign Military Sales Office.
Spangenberg, Director of the Naval Air Systems Command's (NAVAIRSYSCOM) Evaluation Division and defacto chief aircraft engineer at the time of his 1973 retirement, succumbed to automobile accident injuries last fall at 88 years old.
In 1939, he was transferred to the Navy's Bureau of Aeronautics (BUAER) in Washington, D.C., predecessor of NAVAIRSYSCOM. In the Evaluation Division his tasks included coordinating design requirements for all naval aircraft, conducting design competitions and selecting the best design for contract acquisition, and working with the BUAER team, as well as with Army/Air Force, National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (predecessor of today's NASA) and aircraft industry engineers.
According to Lt Col Keith Birk-holz, deputy program manager for the UH-1Y and AH-1Z programs at the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIRSYSCOM), the current AH-1W and UH-1Y aircraft-survivability equipment (ASE) includes two radar warning receivers (RWRs), the AN/APR-39(V)1 and the AN/APR-44; dual AN/ALE-39 flare and chaff dispensers (for the AH-1W, one mounted on top of each wing, and for the UH-1N, one mounted above each cargo door); the AN/AL Q-144 infrared (IR) jammer; the AN/AAR-47 missile-warning system; and the AN/AVR-2 laser-warning system.
Then there is the second item of interest: Does RIFLe allow us to radically transform the retail level supply chain and the Intermediate Maintenance Activity to better align and support top-level goals set forth by CNO, by NAVAIRSYSCOM and NAVSUPSYSCOM, and by the TYCOM, while providing the expected level of warfighter support?
Phase-One testing of the AN/AAR-47(V)1 missile-warning system was recently completed by the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIRSYSCOM).
RATE NAVY/MARINE 14 2.02 9 1.22 All Navy 10 1.90 4 0.71 All Marine 4 2.38 5 2.80 NAVAIRLANT 4 2.94 2 1.34 NAVAIRPAC 0 0.00 1 0.64 MARFORLANT 1 1.86 1 1.57 CNATRA 1 0.57 1 0.55 NAVAIRRES 3 5.66 0 0.00 4TH MAW 0 0.00 0 0.00 NAVAIRSYSCOM 1 6.25 0 0.00 NON-TYCOM 1 20.92 0 0.00
"Officially, the only initial retrofits are for the first twelve E/Fs, and everything else is forward-fitted -- one for one for the E/F," explained James Smith, integrated-product-team lead for the AN/ALR-67(V)3 program at the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIRSYSCOM).
"The Multimission Maritime Aircraft (MMA) will perform armed intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; anti-submarine warfare (ASW); and anti-surface warfare (ASUW)," explained CDR Alan Easterling, deputy program manager for the MMA at the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIRSYSCOM).