NAVCHAPGRUNavy Cargo Handling & Port Group
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After we were finished offloading our ships and there was time before the next ship arrived, the ship watch officers and ship supervisors would get together to complete their offload or back load after action report to present to NAVCHAPGRU. This is when we would go into detail, reviewing how we offloaded the ship, the challenges and the lessons learned.
NAVCHAPGRU provided two laptops to the troops to e-mail home and about 12 computers were available in the camp for use by reservation.
LT Bonner said his biggest challenge in leading YB, was "Ensuring a smooth integration between NAVCHAPGRU and NCHB 10 troops." He added that he was proudest of "the work ethic and total commitment demonstrated by NCHB 10 personnel in assisting NAVCHAPGRU in providing combat power to Marine Corps and Army fighting forces." His most unforgettable moment was offloading ammunition from the M/V Cape Spear in Kuwait while under enemy attack.
That night, my hatch team had to sleep right next to the containers we had offloaded because there was no room on the bus back to KNB and no berthing available on the ship." When asked about his proudest moment, SKC Snead said, "It was at our final muster at KNB and we were officially being detached from NAVCHAPGRU. It was then I really realized the accomplishments and the contributions we made and we did it without any major injuries or damage to property." As for his most unforgettable moment, he remembered the first enemy attack and hearing "LIGHTNING, LIGHTNING, LIGHTNING at KNB" announced over the base loudspeakers "We had just reviewed CBR training and put our materials away and then the sirens went off.
Our very own EN2 Benjamin Fye of YB was the very first awardee from either NAVCHAPGRU or NCHB 10 and he was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal for getting the food storage refrigerators up and running in time for the conversion from Kuwaiti food contractor to a self-reliant Navy galley.
As I close this, my thoughts remain with our brothers and sisters of NCHB 1 (previously NAVCHAPGRU) and all the CHB's who are currently being mobilized or who are still out there with the rest of the services, serving our country.
NAVCHAPGRU's unique capabilities and flexibility placed them in key roles during several real-world contingency operations and training exercises during 2001.
NAVCHAPGRU is tasked as the primary trainer and assessor of the Supply and Transportation Advanced Base Functional Components of the NAVELSF.
From April to June, NAVCHAPGRU participated in Exercise Freedom Banner, the U.S.
From September to November, 35 NAVCHAPGRU personnel were deployed to Egypt (Operation Brightstar).
In early October through the present time, NAVCHAPGRU personnel were called to Diego Garcia for upload and backload of more than 20 million pounds of ammunition in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.
From late October 2001 to early March 2002, 36 of NAVCHAPGRU's finest deployed to Bahrain and Fujairah in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.