NAVD88North American Vertical Datum of 1988
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The NAVD88 vertical datum is a geodetic mean sea level datum and the standard vertical datum used for surveying and engineering in the continental United States.
Early Cost Estimates for FMMI ($ millions) FMMI Component May 1999 August 1999 FEMA-funded flood data updates 748 385 Digital conversion and map maintenance 56 191 Unmapped communities 132 118 Ongoing activities 234 344 Map and customer services initiatives 23 -- Conversion to metric and NAVD88 42 62 Contracted administrative staff -- 13 Total mapping costs $1,235 $1,114 Expected income from existing fees $364 $364 Incremental appropriations needed for FMMI $871 $750 Source: Modernizing FEMA's Flood Hazard Mapping Program, May 2001, estimating total mapping costs and incremental appropriations needed for FY2003 through FY2007.
The range of elevations measured in the study plots was [less than] 1 m (0.384-1.339 m NAVD88); median plot elevations ranged from 0.522 m to 1.100 m NAVD88.